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Our Mission  

Our mission is to provide our clients with excellent service. We Work hard to develop designs that are unique and innovative. Our Goal is to take your idea to the next level and produce top of the line material that will satisfy your needs.  

Welcome to First Class Media Studios. We are located in Long Island, New York and we specialize in photography, digital media, animation, and graphic design. We are professional Storytellers and we can customize just about anything. We are here to help you to turn your vision into a stunning reality. Let's get started!  


We provide  elegant and artistic photography services that focus on a variety of styles such as portraits,candid photography, fashion photography, photojournalism, food photography and much more. Our specialties include: Weddings, Engagements, Mitzvah Events, Sweet 16 and Corporate Events.  

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Digital Media

We can help you develop a script, short film or video clip capturing the essence of your vision. Our creative team specializes in story boards and will guide you through a series of frame shots that will allow you to follow the flow of your video. Video storytelling is our bread and butter. 

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Businesses are now turning to animation as a means of capturing the attention of their target audience. We create animations promoting toys, foods, soft drinks, clothing lines, footwear, accessories and much more.  We offer 2D animation and 3D animation using the latest software such as adobe After Effects, photoshop and Cinema 4D. 

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Graphic Design

We create breathtaking graphic designs for just about anything: logos, websites, banners, brochures, book covers, apps, and everything in between. We are excited to help you build a conceptually strong brand. Our artist will help you develop labels for boxes, bottles, bags, and much more. 

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Location: 221 Middle Neck Road

Great Neck, NY 11021

Call: (516) 228-2328 / (516) 207-8599

Email: contact@firstclassmediastudios.com

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